[Gnews] Gyeonggi Province to Set Emergency Bells to Prevent Toilet Crimes


[Encore] There have been a series of public toilet crimes.Therefore, some people are reluctant to even go into public toilets.To eliminate this anxiety, emergency bells will be installed in public toilets in Gyeonggi-do.This is Han Sun-ji, a reporter Han Sun-ji.

Late at night, a deserted park toilet.

It's dark without a street lamp, especially for women.

[Interview] Kim Yujin / Gwonseon-dong, Suwon-si
"It's a little scary, and there's a public toilet incident at Gangnam Station, so I can never go in alone."

It is a red emergency bell attached to a public toilet.

[Sound] "Help me." / "Yes, I understand."

If a dangerous situation occurs, you can press it lightly, but as soon as you receive it, orders are issued to nearby districts and patrol cars, and you will be dispatched within three minutes.

[Stand up] Reporter Han Seonji.
"Within a radius of 2 meters, it recognizes a woman's scream and automatically reports it."

Most of them are operated in connection with city and county CCTV control centers or police stations.

It will be installed this year in 500 public toilets in areas where entertainment areas are concentrated, parks where there are few people, and men's and women's public toilets.

[Interview] Han Keum-hee / Head of the boiling point management team at Gyeonggi Water Resources Headquarters
"It is intended to respond quickly to emergencies.By installing an emergency bell, we can ensure the safety of our users and expect the effect of crime prevention."

Gyeonggi-do Province plans to expand the installation area by reviewing performance later.

I'm Han Seon-ji from Gyeonggi GTV.

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