[Jonghannews] Anseong City to Install Safe Emergency Bells in Public Toilet


[Anseong = Reporter Bae Myunghyo of Gyeongin Ilbo] Anseong City has installed a safety emergency bell for public restrooms.

"9 public restrooms, ladies' restrooms.

"Abnormal sound source detection function".

Anseong City plans to install safe emergency bells in nine public restrooms in early July so that female users can use public restrooms with confidence as crimes against women have recently increased.In consultation with Anseong Police Station, nine sites that are considered vulnerable to crime were selected through field investigations.

The safe emergency bell installation site is Cheongnyongsa Temple hiking trail, Seoknamsa Temple parking lot, Bibongsan Mineral Spring, Anseong Market, Jungang Market, Sports Complex, 3.1 Movement Memorial Hall, Geumseokcheon Children's Playground, and 6070 Street parking lot.

The safe emergency bell rings a siren when shouting a sound or pressing the emergency bell in case of an emergency, and the police are dispatched to the scene after being reported directly to the situation room of Anseong Police Station.

An official from Anseong City (Resource Circulation Division Manager Yoon Tae-kwang) said, "We expect women and children to use safe toilets through the installation of safety emergency bells, and we plan to continuously expand and install them."

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