[Jejusori] Emergency bell will be installed, Jeju toilets will beacons


Jeju City will significantly expand the smart emergency bell for public toilets this month...A total of 126 locations will be planned throughout Jeju.

▲ Police checking the smart emergency bell in the public restroom in Jeju City.제The Sound of Jeju
Jeju City announced on the 3rd that it will build an additional smart emergency bell system for crime prevention in 50 public toilets this year.As a result, there will be a total of 80 public toilets equipped with smart emergency bells in Jeju City.

Jeju City will build additional smart emergency bells in 50 public toilets by the end of this month in cooperation with the Jeju Provincial Police Agency.

The smart emergency bell can be recognized by distinguishing scream, assault, beating sound, unique rupture sound, and explosion sound from the sound source detection device.If an abnormal sound is detected, an alarm will sound in the 112 general situation room of the National Police Agency and the police will be dispatched to the scene.In addition, the alarm lights and sirens outside the bathroom will ring.

An official from Jeju City said, "We expect the installation of emergency bells to enable faster and more efficient responses to various incidents in emergency situations, as well as increase the psychological stability of the socially disadvantaged and increase the effect of crime prevention."

Seogwipo City, which currently installs and operates a smart emergency bell system in six public toilets, plans to install additional emergency bells in 40 places this year.

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